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A Fair memory

How has the Ventura County Fair changed over time?  Aside from film stock, the Ventura County Fair has a great collection of old b&W photos showcasing its past.

Click here for “An Old Fashioned Fair”.

August 2, 2012   2:28 p.m.

Play ball, Brooks Brothers style

The 805’s own Brooke Brothers Factory Store in the Camarillo Outlet helped to fulfill a wish of Jason Flores, an 8-year-old who wanted to throw out the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels game. 

For more on this story, click here.

July 31, 2012  10:22 a.m.

They’re heerreee…

Dallas Cowboys

The ‘Boys are back in town, ready for another round of ground pound, Dez Bryan drama and grousing about Tony Romo as the QB. 

Grousing, you say?  ESPN live chat invites fans to join Tim McMahon, Calvin Watkins and the rest of the grousing crew to speculate on the upcoming season, live from the hot chair in Oxnard.  Hey…at least it’s not Joe Buck, am I right?

July 30, 2012  4:48 p.m.

The ghosts of Olympics past

Remember Olympic Stadium in Montreal, the site of the 1976 Summer Games?  In its post-Olympics afterlife, it became a horrible baseball stadium where the distance between home plate and the backstop was what one normally finds between two Starbucks.

The fate of these monstrous structures created specially for the Olympics is the subject of a National Geographics photo gallery that chronicles the afterlife of some of these impressive venues. 

Click here to view Pictures: Past Olympic Venues - Rotting, Renovatd, Repurposed.

Happy Olympics!

July 27, 2012  9:38 a.m.

Tennessee in Ojai love

Academy Award winning actress Reese Witherspoon has a slideshow of your Ojai home in this month’s Elle Decor.  She describes her 805 hideaway, a blend of California living and a bit of Tennessee, as “…meditative and restorative..”

To see the article, visit

July 26, 2012   10:59 a.m.

Olympics, 805 style

Envious that you’re not going to experience the joy of sitting in soul crushing London traffic during the Olympics? While you can watch the competition on television in the comfort of your own home, here are just a few of the places in the 805 that can help further the new found love you’ll have for Britain:

Lookout Bar and Grill - Oxnard
Thousand Oaks Fish & Chips - Thousand Oaks
Tranqulity Tea Room
Victoria Pub & Grill - Ventura


British Wholesale Imports - Westlake Village
Hare & Hounds - Thousand Oaks
Rosie Lee Imports - Ventura

July 25, 2012 - 10:18

The auteur of Agoura Hills

Film directors have humble origins, toting the Super 8 and creating visual art from family picnics or backyard films.  Agoura Hill’s Trevor Campbell is no different.   He hopes that “Face to Face,”  the latest project filmed at his 805 home, will make the festival circuit.  Here’s hoping it gets shown at Sundance and as a selection in Un Certain Regard.

Here’s a link to his story from the Agoura Hills Patch at

July 24, 2012  11:08 a.m.

Idol comes to Camarillo

Lee DeWyze, a former champ of the popular “American Idol”, showed his wiser and more romantic side this weekend by choosing Camarillo as the site for his wedding to Jonna Walsh.

People Magazine Online has the full story and photos at

July 23, 2012   4:56 p.m.

Move over, Hatari!

Don the khakis and leave the sanctity of the Xbox in the tame family room.  Moorpark College has been bringing junior safari members into the lower depths of its zoo, where adventurers have been invited to learn the intricacies of zookeeping and of wildlife.  Before the camp closes for the summer, Moorpark Zoo is offering one last adventure with “Animal Detectives,” another exciting program for junior safari aspirants. 

To sign up, visit

July 17, 2012   11:36 a.m.

365 different ways to prepare tomatoes

Just how flavorful are those plump and juicy non-GMO tomatoes that are hiding inside of those Camarillo greenhouses?  Houweling Tomatoes is going to give one lucky tomato lover the chance to find out with a free year’s supply. Just imagine how a year’s worth of free non-GMO Houweling Tomatoes should inspire some tomato poetry, a lifetime of original recipes and some expressive Instagram photos. 

For more information and to enter, visit Bon appetit!

July 16, 2012  5:11 p.m.